Monday, July 14, 2008

A Tender Moment of Confirmation with Taryn

I was blessed to be pregnant again just 6 short months following DeLanee's death. Taryn joined our family in May, 2005. She and DeLanee would be just 16 months apart. I will forever remember my sweetest moment with Taryn. When she was just a few weeks old (too young to smile on cue yet), I was nursing her in the middle of the night. When she was finished, she was staring up at me with these serious dark eyes. She always seemed so serious - in fact, I was beginning to wonder if she would always take life so seriously. (The picture below is a pretty accurate picture of what her face always looked like.)

It was then that I began to talk to her about her sister. The second I mentioned the name "DeLanee", her face absolutely lit up! A smile spread across her face and her eyes twinkled! I knew that the memory of her sister had not yet left her mind and the veil, although thin, had not yet been lifted. I realized I was rocking an angel sent to me straight from heaven where she had lived and just said goodbye to her sister. I couldn't help the tears that flowed. I felt so very blessed for Taryn and her little way of telling me what I believe is true, that our Savior and DeLanee live again and send they're love to me through her confirming smile.